Sunrise over seaEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) is based on the same principles of acupuncture. By stimulating the meridian system we can rectify disrupted energy that is stored in the body that may be effecting us physically, emotionally or mentally.

We do this by gently tapping with our fingers on specific meridian points as opposed to using needles. Therefore this technique is highly useful as a take-away tool to incorporate into everyday life.

EFT is a gentle yet highly effective technique to resolve and release conscious/sub-conscious, limiting thoughts, feelings, behaviours and issues with long-lasting effect.

In my opinion, EFT is a technique that can work for anyone who is open to try, and ready to improve their lives.

Still not convinced…Dr. Peta Stapleton from Bond University ran some clinical trials on Tapping for weight loss. Watch this short video featured on Channel 9 News to find out what happened: Watch here


  • Dissolves the unwanted emotional, mental and physical energy
  • Clears blocks from the past
  • Practical stress self-management tool
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Supports us to move forward
  • Gentle, effective & long lasting

EFT sessions:

All sessions are private & supportive

  • Initial appointments – 1.5 hours – $140 Book here
  • Ongoing appointments – 1 hour – $110 Book here

24 hour cancellation fee applies

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