cheering woman open arms to sunriseStrengthening the relationship we have to ourself is key to feeling at peace within. In turn, relationships with others improve and our general happiness & wellbeing soars.

The holistic approach unites the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts in harmony, leading to greater fulfilment and connection in our life.

With renewed understanding, self-esteem and clarity, we start to create a life that supports us to shine at our brightest.

I use a variety of holistic practices during sessions that are tools to be taken away and used for ongoing support.


  • Resolve issues with anger, depression, fears, trauma, anxiety and relationships
  • Strengthen relationship to self
  • Build self-understanding, acceptance and compassion
  • Breakthrough longstanding personal issues
  • Support through change and transitions
  • Improve self-esteem, clarity and inner peace

Holistic Counselling Sessions:

All sessions are private & supportive

  • Initial appointments – 1.5 hours – $140 Book here
  • Ongoing appointments – 1 hour – $110 Book here

24 hour cancellation fee applies

Contact me for more information: Enquire here